Family Based Care

SOS Children’s Village Uganda makes use of the family based care model to offer a permanent home, security , medical care and education to children without parental care. Once a child has been admitted to our children’s village , he/she is offered a new beginning, full love, security and hope. Qualified and trained “SOS Mothers” who provide the emotional, psychological and nutritional needs of our children care for our children. A typical SOS home will house 10 children who grow up together as siblings.

The SOS house is located within the children’s village environment, which provides a sense of belonging in a community.

In all cases a thorough and transparent admission process is followed to ensure that;
  1. The most meriting cases are admitted into our programmes
  2. We are in compliance with our policies and statutory obligation in our facilities. we refer older children to alternative organizations, better equipped to cater for their needs other than this age restriction, SOS Children’s Village Uganda does not discriminate on race, ethnic, religious or political grounds.
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Core Values

At SOS, We believe in each other.

We believe in each other other’s abilities and potential.

We support and respect one another, and build and an environment where one can approach our responsibilities with confidence.
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